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Karate Class Outdoors

Green Belt

“The pine tree is beginning to develop and grow in strength.” The student’s technique is developing power. The components of the basic techniques are beginning to work in unison.
The green belt represents growth. In living for the future, growth is necessary and essential for living. Since growth is normally associated with change, we must accept changes although they may cause feelings of insecurity. Memories of our achievements in Taekwondo serve many functions.


The following are the required basic fundamentals necessary to test and pass the next belt exam.

Suto Blocks

Ridge Hand

Spear Hand

Yuk Jin

Sweep Kicks


Pop Kicks

Shuffle Kicks

Cheat Kicks

Swing Kicks

One Step Sparring

5 & 6

5. Step Forward in a horse stance, check opponents punch, step between opponents’ legs, side chop the neck.

6. Evade punch with right leg, round kick to head, land in horse stance at 45˚, double punch

Self Defense

5 & 6

- Double Arm Grab -

5. Catch opponent’s wrist in one hand, pull them forward and backfist their ribs.

6. Twist opponent’s arms outward and grab their wrists, continue to twist, front kick their rib cage.


Taegeuk Sam Jang represents Fire and the Sun. Alternately, you might hear that it represents ‘hot and bright’. This is to encourage the trainees to harbor a sense of justice and ardor for training.

Taegeuk Sam Jang