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Below, you'll find all the testing requirements for all ranks from White Belt to First Degree Black Belt. Below that, you'll find all the costs associated with training.


Testing Application

VTCDKA Rank System

White to Yellow Testing Requirements

Yellow to Orange Testing Requirements

Orange to Green Testing Requirements

Green to Blue Testing Requirements

Blue to Purple Testing Requirements

Purple to Red Testing Requirements

Red to Brown Testing Requirements

Brown to Advanced Brown Testing Requirements

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Black Belt Testing Requirements

Other Training Costs

VTCDKA Membership

This cost depends on when you join and must be renewed at the start of each new year.

January - March $32
April - June $24
July-September $16
October - December $8

For Families of 3 or More:

January - March $80

April - June $60

July-September $40

October - December $20



Covers the uniform, the screen printing, and the shipping costs.

*NOTE: we have to order 12 uniforms at a time, so if we don't have one in stock, it may take a while for us to order them unless we get an influx of students.

Testing Fees

This covers the cost of credentials, the belt, & the wood for the board break.

Sparring Equipment


This covers the costs of:

Chest Protector - $28

Helmet - $16

Gloves - $16

Shoes - $16

+ Shipping - $14

All of which can be purchased separately.

It does not cover mouth guards, cups (for guys), face shields, shin protectors, or forearm protectors - all of which are optional (but required for most tournaments).

Black Belt Exam

$170 (For 1st Dan)


Cost covers the black belt certification, the belt itself, and a black belt uniform.

Students, regardless of age, are encouraged to try and raise this money themselves rather than having the parents pay for it (or at least all of it).

Kukkiwon Certification (Optional)

$135 (For 1st Dan)

Once you're a black belt, you can obtian certification through the Kukkiwon

World Chung Do Kwan Certification (Optional)


Once you're a black belt, you can obtain certification through the World Chung Do Kwan Association

Our Student Information Manual

For Printed Copies, See an Instructor

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