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Brown Belt

The color brown represents the ripening or maturing process as that of the advanced Tae Kwon Do student whose techniques are beginning to mature.


The following are the required basic fundamentals necessary to test and pass the next belt exam.

Mountain Block

Underneath Pullout

Upward Pullout

Rolling Drop Kicks

Scorpion Kick

Cartwheel Kick

One Step Sparring

13 & 14

13. Step Left 45º into a Horse Stance, Grab opponents’ shoulder with right hand, grab back of collar with left, side kick knee while pulling.

14. Step back with left leg, grab wrist with right hand, hook kick over arm, spin back fist to head.

Self Defense

13 & 14

-Cross Choke-

13. Grab opponent’s wrist with either arm, swoop other arm over both opponent’s arm and drop down. Elbow to head.

14. Bring arm between opponent’s arms, grab opponent’s wrists from inside, twist (slowly and carefully) until tap out.


Taegeuk Chil Jang

Taegeuk Chil Jang represents a mountain, meaning firmness and rigid. Unmoving and everlasting.

Keibon 7

Frog Set

Starting in Closed Stance

1. Frog Jump, Landing in Closed Stance Again.

2. Split Kick, Land in Closed Stance

3. Pop Front Kick (Left)

4. Pop Front Kick (Right)

5. Pop Side Kick (Right) (Turning Left)

6. Pop Side Kick (Left) (Turning Right)

7. Pop Round Kick (Right), Pop Back to Front, Kihup

8. Pop Round Kick (Left), Pop Back to Front, Kihup

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