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Advanced Brown Belt

Meaning Mountains and the Earth. This belt symbolizes the firm foundation. The 1st Gup, Advanced Brown belt has a black stripe on it and is the first appearance of black in the belt, denoting the student is practicing to get to black belt.
Students at this rank are also called "Black Belt Candidates".


The following are the required basic fundamentals necessary to test and pass the next belt exam.

Jump Spin Crescent Kick

Pop 360º Hook Kick

Pop 360º Round Kick

Swing 360º Katana Kick

Cheat 360º Shuriken Kick

Swing 180º Jackknife Kick

Cheat 180º Feilong Kick

One Step Sparring

15 & 16

15. Block Opponents Punch, Grab Both Opponents Shoulders, Pull Down and Knee Their Gut.

16. Pivot Crescent to Block (Right), Spin Crescent Kick to Head (Left).

Self Defense

15 & 16

-Double Collar Grab-

15. Grab Opponents collar, roll back, kick them over you.

16. Grab One of Opponents hands, Step back with inner leg, twist and take opponent down or until tapout.


Taegeuk Pal Jang

Taegeuk Pal Jang represents both the ‘Yin’ and the earth, meaning the root and settlement and also the beginning and the end. Creation and Destruction.

Keibon 8

Tiger Set

Starting From Joonbee Stance

1. Back Stance, Low Knife Hand Followed By High Knife Hand.

2. Step Into Forward Stance, Reinforced

Outside Block,

3. Step Forward, Double Outside Block Followed By Double Low Block,

4. Step Forward, Fork Punch

5. Step Into Back Stance, Swallow Style Hammer Fist,

6. Shift Into Forward Stance, Swallow Style Inside Chop,

7. Front Kick, Stomping Back Fist.

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