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Yellow Belt

Represents the first beam of sunlight which shines upon the seed giving it new strength with the beginning of new life. It is only a quality seed that can grow into a quality plant. The planted seed cannot be expected to grow into something that it is not. We must accept who God made us to be and that we are individuals and we must excel to the best of our abilities.

The yellow belt also represents gold, which means truth.  It is important that an individual be truthful (have integrity) to him/herself, as it eliminates egotistic behavior (conceitedness) and creates personal contentment.


The following are the required basic fundamentals necessary to test and pass the belt exam to go from white belt to yellow belt.

Low Block

High Block
Inside Block
Outside Block


Palm Strike
Elbow Strike


Front Kick
Round Kick
Axe Kick
Side Kick
Crescent Kick
Hook Kick
Back Kick
Pivot Kicks

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